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Webinar - What's New in GeoTeric 2018.1

This webinar will cover the upcoming features of GeoTeric 2018.1, scheduled to be released on May 14, 2018.

  • Validate – A new module in GeoTeric which will allow the everyday interpreter to explore what the colours in a Frequency Decomposition RGB Colour Blend actually mean, by investigating the effects of fluid, lithology and thickness.
  • Interpretation Enhancements – Polygon control has now been added for tracking and deletion of horizons. Improvements in visualisation have also been made with regards to horizon interpretations and surfaces.
  • Report View – For quick and easy communication, all items visualised in the 3D Scene can be sent to a Report View with the ability to export it as an image.
  • Well Data Management – Improvements have been made to the management of wells, through the use of Well Log Templates, a Well Log Manager and Multi Well property controls.
  • Master Project – The Master Project functionality brings improved project management whereby multiple Client Projects can reference volumes and blends in a Master Project allowing for standardisation and a significant saving of disk space.
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New Release 2018.1: GeoTeric Closes the Loop with Validate

Seismic interpretation software company GeoTeric has announced the release of Validate, an interactive forward modelling tool designed for the everyday interpreter, as part of its 2018.1 release.

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GeoTeric Half Day Workshop: Accelerating Your Interpretation

This half day workshop will include:

  • GeoTeric’s Adaptive Interpretation workflows for new horizon and fault interpretation.
  • How to quickly and efficiently improve existing interpretation.
  • How GeoTeric uses Graph Theory to create regional structural awareness, giving interpretation more geologically accurate results.
  • Using attributes and blends to identify areas that need editing.
  • Practical exercises to support what you have learnt through the half day.
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GeoTeric to attend GEO Bahrain


We will be at Geo Conference & Exhibition in Bahrain - Stand no. 40.

Come and see our latest Adaptive Horizons & Faults that provide a fast and accurate system enabling you to redefine your interpretation.

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Turbo Charge your Interpretation with GeoTeric 2017.2.2

This performance release accelerates GeoTeric’s Expression Tools and boosts the data size that is handled effectively.

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GeoTeric to attend - AEGC 2018


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