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Validate your Frequency Decomposition colour blends using GeoTeric's Validate Wedge Model

This webinar will show you how to create a wedge model using GeoTeric’s Validate module.

The synthetic RGB wedge model can be easily compared to the real data colour blends to get quantitative information about the thickness that each RGB response might represent.

Wedge Models September Webinar 

The webinar will demonstrate how to:

  • Create a 2D wedge model from well logs
  • Compare your synthetic wedge responses with the real data
  • Apply Frequency Decomposition and RGB blending to your synthetic wedge model
  • Compare your synthetic RGB responses to your real colour blend
  • Quantify the thickness that could correspond to each of your RGB blend colours

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Eastern Hemisphere

Thursday 27 September at 8.30am (GMT/UTC+1)

Thursday 27 September at 3.30pm (AWST/UTC+8)


Western Hemisphere 

Thursday 27 September at 3.00pm (GMT+1)

Thursday 27 September at 9.00am (CST)

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