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Seeing the Geology Before You Interpret

The power of cognition is at the heart of GeoTeric’s software and guides our entire approach. Sophisticated computations combine with an appreciation of the essential role of the geoscientist in interpretation.

By revealing the geology before interpretation, our Cognitive approach adds considerable value to both conventional and QI workflows. Example Driven frameworks and Adaptive Interpretation techniques harness the principles of cognitive decision-making to ensure the software is always working in tandem with the interpreter's cognitive processes.

Why Use a Cognitive Approach?

Over 40 percent of the human brain is devoted to visual cognition – more than any other function. Our ability to reference novel visual stimulus against experience and learning allows us to recognize and classify features, even when the objects in the current scene differ significantly from what has been seen previously.

No technology yet comes close to the power of the human brain when it comes to this visual recognition and understanding. So, GeoTeric is designed to harness and complement every interpreter’s cognitive ability.

Seismic Interpretation

Unlock the true potential of interpreters’ cognitive capabilities and geological expertise. Learn how to generate an accurate and detailed seismic interpretation with unprecedented efficiency.

A Unique Approach for Unique Software

Only GeoTeric allows you to see the geology in your seismic data before you interpret. For an in-depth view of how we use Cognitive Workflows to help you get more from seismic interpretation, take a tour of GeoTeric.