GeoTeric Commercial Firsts


3D post stack seismic image processing toolkit (C_Images 3D)

3D geobody delineation technology (Body Labelling)


Volumetric Dip, Azimuth & DipAzi attributes

Edge-preserving, adaptive noise cancellation techniques (TDiffusion & FMH)

Volumetric fault lineation detection (FaultDetect & FaultIn)


Volumetric frequency decomposition

Volumetric RGB blending

Volumetric CMY blending


RGB surface tracking technology (Adaptive Horizons)

RGB and true multi-attribute geobody delineation technology (Adaptive Geobodies)

3D geobody mesh editing technology (Adaptive Geobodies)

High Definition frequency decomposition technology (HDFD)

Multi-attribute fault detection (CMY FaultDetect)

Example-driven workflows (Noise Expression, Fault Expression)


Frequency decomposition technology adapted for broadband seismic (HDFD)

Example-driven spectral enhancement technology (Spectral Expression)

Horizon interpretation with tracked line preview (Adaptive Horizons)

Pioneering Advancements in 3D Seismic Analysis

One of the early pioneers of 3D seismic analysis, GeoTeric introduced many important technologies to the market. Our innovations include the first commercial 3D geobody delineation techniques, volumetric colour blending and volumetric spectral decomposition.

Ready to Revolutionize Interpretation?

GeoTeric has pioneered many workflows that are now industry standard and we continue to do so. When you use GeoTeric, you get the benefit of tomorrow's workflows today.

Don’t just take our word for it – see the impressive capabilities for yourself.