Echo Geo


Echo Geo aims to deploy the best interpretation technology to help their clients better define and de-risk their exploration and development opportunities. The GeoTeric platform is a perfect example of cutting edge software that delivers intuitive example driven workflows and cognitive interpretation capabilities.

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GeoScience Ltd


GeoScience Ltd and GeoTeric have joined forces to offer oil companies a consultancy service aimed at closing the so-called ‘seismic gap’ between well-scale identification of geological features, especially subtle structures, and seismic-scale mapping.

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Subsurface Clarity


Subsurface Clarity brings state-of-the-art 3D seismic data interpretation software and expertise to small and medium-sized companies interested in reduced data-interpretation cycle time, and greater clarity. The suite of advanced data analysis and interpretation tools available in GeoTeric® provides us with the unique, integrated workflows to achieve these goals.

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At GeoTeric we recognise the need to supply software across the globe. Alongside our global offices, we have resellers in the following locations:


Geoseismic Signal Corporation


Ingenix Group Ltd


Roadshill Data Analysis

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Yemen

Ayres Group Ltd


Saturn Energy Solutions for Oil and Gas

Software Integrations

GeoTeric recognises that all E&P workflows are different, incorporating many techniques found across multiple software technologies.

Empowering users with a Cognitive approach and by encouraging all methods of seismic analysis and investigation, we provide direct data integrations to other interpretation packages. Combining these technologies is the optimum way to gain a full understanding of your subsurface data. We currently integrate with the following software: