Adaptive Geobodies

3D Reservoir Delineation

Data driven, interpreter guided approach to geobody delineation that allows tracking on multiple volumes, including color blends and manual manipulation and editing of the geobody object. GeoTeric's Adaptive Geobodies match the interpreter's view of what is geologically feasible whilst honoring local data characteristics.

To ensure you get the most accurate reservoir interpretation we have put together a selection of short training clips to get you started...

8. Adaptive Geobodies – High Definition Frequency Decomposition Based (for further information, view the relevant blog post)

7. Adaptive Geobodies – Standard Frequency Decomposition Based (for further information, view the relevant blog post)

6. What comes next?

5. How to interactively edit your geobody surface

4. How to lock parts of your geobody

3. How to remove unwanted parts of your geobody


2. How to make your geobodies grow faster


1. How to edit your data clusters

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