Frequency Decomposition

Revealing the Geology Before Interpreting

Frequency RGB blends reveal geological features in seismic data much more clearly than a single attribute. RGB Color Blends highlight subtle variations / heterogeneity within a given geological entity and allow differentiation of features with similar amplitude characteristics.

Watch the Frequency Decomposition Training video to find out more...

There are three different methods of frequency decomposition in GeoTeric, each providing different results depending on the type and scale of geology that you are investigating.

1. Constant Bandwidth

The below video will guide you through the use of the Constant Bandwidth decomposition method and when you might use it.

You can also read the Constant Bandwidth Technical Blog post.

2. Constant Q

This tutorial will guide you through the use of the Constant Q decomposition method in GeoTeric.

You can also read the Constant Q Tehchnical Blog post.

3. High Definition Frequency Decomposition (HDFD)

For tutorials and information on GeoTeric's HDFD Tool, click here.

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