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Closing the Seismic Interpretation Loop


3D Seismic Interpretation

Our semi-automated, data-driven interpretation tools work simultaneously with colour blends and multi-attribute volumes, for faster, more accurate interpretation of the geology in your data.

Highly Intuitive

User Interface

It’s not just GeoTeric’s unique functionality that dramatically reduces the time needed for interpretation – our intuitive user interface is easy to learn and a joy to use.

Fast and Easy

Grid-less Model

Which honours all the detail from the seismic data and is quick to update as there is no need for gridding. Why lose information when you can capture it in the model?

Closing the Loop

Validating the Model 

Validate the interpretation and the model by correlating the synthetic seismic with the original data. Improve confidence in the interpretation and de-risk your well plans.

Our Revolutionary Software

GeoTeric is Closing the Loop between modelling and interpretation, improving understanding, saving time, and transforming the accuracy of your interpretation.

See the difference for yourself

GeoTeric 2017.2.1 Release

  • Adaptive_Faults_1.png
  • Adaptive_Faults_surfaces.png
  • Data following fault interpretation
  • Automatic preview of surface generation for rapid QC

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