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Completing your workflow with AI Horizons

The most detailed and advanced AI seismic interpretation on the market with unparalleled subsurface accuracy. Project cycle times are dramatically reduced without compromising on quality, resulting in greater efficiencies in sustainability projects, field development and increased well safety.

AI Seismic Interpretation

The highest quality results available, even in challenging data

GEOTERIC - Icons (AI Horizons)

Significantly reduce project cycle times by combining AI Faults & AI Horizons

Simultaneously interprets all horizons from surface to region of interest

Structurally aware horizon interpretation

Use alongside Geoteric’s colour blends to better understand reservoir characterisation

Rapid data transfer to 3D geocellular models for static property population and flow simulation

Interpret 100% of your data without compromising on quality

GEOTERIC - Icons (AI Horizons)

Clean connections at the fault-horizon interface

AI seismic interpretation is significantly more valuable than stand-alone faults or horizons. Now Geoteric is offering the complete workflow with structurally aware AI Horizons delivering a tight connection between the individual faults and horizons – something that traditional seismic interpretation has always struggled with achieving.

EAGE Transparent V4-1

A seismic shift in interpretation

Integrated AI fault and horizon interpretation delivering a faster and more detailed result than ever before realising AI seismic interpretation.


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