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You could argue there are few places on Earth we haven’t explored, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Our knowledge of the Earth’s surface compared to our knowledge of the subsurface is incomplete.

As our industry heads into a new era of exploration, we're on a journey to increase our understanding of the Earth.  We’re challenging attitudes and providing insight into issues we would like to know more about.  








There are no limits,

just possibilities

For over 30 years Geoteric has expanded what’s possible in the world of geological interpretation.

Guided by our people, we’re proud of the role we play in bringing science and technology together, which is why we’re rewriting the rule book when it comes to seismic interpretation.

Delivering technology developed by geoscientists and data scientists, there are no limits, just possibilities as we revolutionise our industry.

With access to more information, interpreters can unlock resources which may have been considered unattainable or undiscovered to reveal the true geological story.

Jan Grimnes
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Ådne Grødem, CEO at Herfo Finans AS
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Henrik Zetlitz Nessler
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Bettina Bachmann
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Nicola Blashard
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