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Our team of experts specialize in the application of Cognitive Interpretation workflows on 2D and 3D post-stack seismic data, providing solutions to most seismic interpretation challenges. Engaging GeoTeric expertise can help you get the most from our tools and to achieve results quickly and efficiently.



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How We Work with You

We can integrate with your team or work on projects independently, keeping you fully informed of the workflows and results at all stages.

We encourage full client engagement throughout the project. This allows you to stay wholly informed at every stage and gain a thorough understanding of the workflows applied and the results achieved.

GeoTeric Services

  • Data Reconnaissance
  • Prospect Screening
  • Regional Seismic Interpretation
  • AVO and Tuning Analysis

Service Example

Exploration and Forward Modelling


To accurately characterize a sub-marine fan system.


Calibrate results of Frequency Decomposition & High Definition Frequency Decomposition using synthetic seismic modelling and Interactive Facies Classification.


  • Quantitative approach for interpretation of color blends.
  • More detailed interpretation and comprehensive understanding of the sub-marine fan system.
  • exploration1.jpg
  • exploration2.jpg
  • exploration3.jpg
  • exploration4.jpg

(Images for this example are from McArdle, 2012)

  • Infill Drilling
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Drilling Hazard Identification
  • Model Validation

Service Example

Infill Drilling


Characterize channel systems in complex clastic reservoirs for secondary recovery purposes and infill drilling.


  • Frequency Decomposition & High Definition frequency Decomposition.
  • RGB color blending.


  • Better characterization of channel systems.
  • Identification of potential unswept areas.
  • Defined accurate locations for infill drilling and for enhanced secondary recovery.
  • development1.jpg
  • development2.jpg

(Images for this example are from Western Siberia)

  • 4D Analysis
  • Compartmentalization

Service Example

Mature Field Development


To identify fluid change within a producing reservoir.


  • Frequency Decomposition of the difference volume between 4D surveys, extract as Adaptive Geobodies and determine GRV.
  • Calibrate with known volume produced to calculate recovery factor and estimate remaining reserves.


  • Easy visualization of produced areas.
  • Volumetric extraction of GRV and estimation of remaining reserves.
  • Identification of zones of by-passed pay.
  • production1.jpg
  • production2.jpg
  • production3.jpg

(Images for this examples are from New Zealand)

Our specialties include:

  • Reservoir characterization & compartmentalization
  • Post-stack processing & conditioning
  • Fault identification & delineation
  • Salt & basalt delineation
  • Frequency based analysis
  • Multi-attribute colour blending
  • Facies classification
  • Stratigraphic imaging
  • Volumetric attribute interpretation


Training can be based on your own data, to immediately and directly help you move your projects forward, or on public data provided by GeoTeric.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible software support. We ensure your workflow is as effective as it can be. With minimal interruptions and downtime, you can remain at maximum productivity while using GeoTeric.

Training can be provided at any of GeoTeric’s offices around the world or at your own location.

GeoTeric Training is designed to help you get the most out of GeoTeric. Our training courses range from a single day to one week, with courses designed around your needs.

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To find out more about the services we offer and how our unique Cognitive Workflow approach can help interpreters get more out of their seismic data more quickly, get in touch now.