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Reveal the geology in your data for a more insightful interpretation.

Geoteric’s Reveal module comprises a comprehensive suite of attributes and volume mathematics tools to allow you to “see” and understand the geology before you interpret.

Industry-leading techniques including high definition frequency decomposition combined with multi-attribute structural and stratigraphic analysis give a detailed geological understanding.



Stratigraphic analysis using frequency decomposition and RGB blending, iso-proportional slicing, to develop geologically meaningful attributes.

Structural analysis using fault delineation & CMY blending, dip azimuth and curvature.

Geoteric Tools

  • Frequency decomposition & RGB blending
  • Fault expression
  • Iso-proportional slicing
  • Processes and workflows

Frequency Decomposition & RGB Blending

High definition frequency decomposition (HDFD) using a modified matching pursuit algorithm

HDFD algorithm optimised for the complex waveform of broadband data

Interactive frequency analysis using constant bandwidth and constant scale filters

Integrated quantitative RGB blending as part of the frequency preview and selection process

Choice of techniques and parameters allows optimal results to be achieved in all situations

Trace spectrogram display

Fully volumetric output

Fault Expression

Example driven fault imaging and extraction workflow displaying different options to guide your decisions

Three different discontinuity attributes sensitive to different aspects of the waveform

Integrated CMY blending with user-driven scale controls

Integrated Fault Detection on individual attributes and multi-attribute CMY Blends

Full control of the parameter options

Iso-Proportional Slicing

Create iso-proportional or conformant surfaces to better visualise the geology

Analyse the data within each slice to create surface-based attributes

Interactive preview and iso-slice spacing control

Create horizon packs for interactive geological screening, conformant to structure

Processes & Workflows

Over 50 different structural and stratigraphic attributes including single trace, multi trace and curvature-based attributes, as well as geobody delineation and analysis

Parser for simple volume maths and more sophisticated logical operations

Geology guided workflows for Carbonates, Channels, Salt and Faults

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