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Interrogate the geophysicaI response with intuitive data-driven and semi-supervised tools, while maintaining the geological context.



Seismic Facies Classification and attribute Scatterplot

Geoteric Tools

  • IFC+ (Interactive Facies Classification)

Correlating your well-data with the seismic and attribute response, to build appropriate reservoir models. Any classified volume honours all your available data while incorporating your own expert understanding of what is geologically feasible.

Interactive Seismic Facies Classification

User-guided hierarchical facies classification for regional and reservoir level classification.

Works on attribute and RGB data, with incorporated well-visualisation and scatterplot functionality

Classes can be defined by well-marker pairs or interpreter selection

Scatterplot shows attribute – well log relationship, in addition to defined facies

Easily combined with Adaptive Geobodies to constrain the classification.

Resulting facies model can be used in a 3rd party reservoir model for simulation.

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