TAR presentation Williams Cader

Combined Stratigraphic and Structural interpretation using Artificial Intelligence and Frequency Decomposition

Senior Geoscientist, Ryan Williams highlights the potential of utilising colour blending techniques in collaboration with AI fault and horizon extraction.

He also examines how coupling these techniques together enables the subsurface analyst to identify and delineate structural and stratigraphic features in a seismic volume in more detail and accuracy, in a fraction of time it would require to undertake a traditional interpretation.


Application of AI-derived Fault Detection for CCUS

Southern North Sea Example

Ryan Williams, Senior Geoscientist discusses the key role Geoteric can play a key role in realising CCUS projects and demonstrates fault analysis using Geoteric’s AI fault detection networks to identify unseen faults which could compromise integrity for CO₂ storage.

BHP Atlantis Oil Field Project

BHP Atlantis Oil Field Project
Geoteric AI Fault Detection: Subsalt Example

This presentation discusses how BHP applied Geoteric AI to support the rapid interpretation of a new seismic dataset in the Atlantis field[1]. It also examines how BHP leveraged the prowess of this latest AI information to guide them into making better-informed decisions regarding well placement, reducing uncertainty and changing the risk profiles for future wells.
[1] Data courtesy of Atlantis field operator BP for allowing these results to be shown.

Artificial Intelligence Fault Interpretation using 3D Seismic - Global Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence Fault Interpretation Using 3D Seismic - Global Case Studies


In this video, Lucy Plant, Regional Sales Manager - Americas, presents a case study led talk on how Geoteric's AI seismic interpretation technologies Collaborative AI and Geoteric Stratum™ can enhance subsurface understanding and how it can be used to advance the traditional seismic interpretation workflow we know today.

An Impartial Validation of Fault Interpretation

An Impartial Validation of Fault Interpretation

Dave Brett from Ithaca Energy, presents his independent and impartial perspective on how Geoteric's AI seismic interpretation tools and services added to the better understanding of the structural complexity of their prospect and the results and benefits they achieved when compared to traditional interpretation techniques.


Further information on this case study is highlighted in GEOExPro AI: Game-Changer in Development or Exploration - or Both?

AI Fault Interpretation: Revealing Geology from Regional Structural to Well Safety

AI Fault Interpretation: Revealing Geology from Regional Structural Framework to Well Safety Analysis

Using the TERN Field (Northern North Sea) case study as his example, Senior Geoscientist Ryan Williams illustrates how Geoteric's AI seismic interpretation tools can assist in identifying and reducing risk to help drill wells safely, on time and within budget.

An integrated workflow for geological evaluation

Owen Lee, SVP Global Sales presents an overview of Geoteric's core workflow with brief insights into its application across different global and geological settings.

Geoteric’s best in class geological evaluation software clearly visualises the subsurface, allowing interpreters to combine their knowledge with the best possible picture
throughout exploration, development and production.

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