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Geoteric webinar - Integration of conventional and AI Seismic Interpretation: Driven by you, supercharged with AI
Geoteric AI has been proven to reduce seismic interpretation time from years to weeks – with no compromise in quality. During this webinar, Abdulqadir Cader, Senior Geoscientist will demonstrate how significantly shorter interpretation times are achieved using a full suite of conventional interpretation tools that are now supercharged with AI.
Geoteric | PGNiG Webinar

Geoteric | PGNiG Webinar - AI Seismic Interpretation for improved well planning and safety

In just two weeks, Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation corroborated that a fault-bound compartment containing a newly drilled well, was not in communication with other parts of the reservoir structure.  As a result, PGNiG were able to update their geological model with the ability to identify new areas of compartmentalization, for new dynamic modelling and simulations to improve well planning and safety. 


Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation

Geoteric Webinar - AI Seismic Interpretation: interpret every event from surface to region of interest in hours

Building on Geoteric’s cutting-edge AI Fault Interpretation that accurately detects faults invisible to the human eye, Geoteric Seismic Interpretation software now includes structurally-aware AI Horizons. The technology identifies every event from surface to region of interest in hours and comes at a crucial time for operators facing demands to fast-track production.

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Geoteric Webinar: AI Fault Interpretation - guaranteed results even in challenging seismic data

Interpreting challenging seismic data is one of the largest problems faced by our customers. In order to visualise the 3D structural complexities of the subsurface, they require a 3D solution that only Geoteric AI Faults - 3D Networks provides. The 3D neural networks rapidly and accurately identify subtle structural features such as small-scale faults that are invisible to the human eye, even in challenging data. 

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Geoteric Webinar: Introducing 2022.2 - Faster more accurate AI Fault Interpretation

Geoteric are the first AI Seismic Interpretation software provider to give users the choice between six trained and untrained neural networks - reducing fault interpretation time by up to 95%. The latest update to the technology 2022.2, introduces two brand new networks.  Acorn, an untrained network that can be exclusively trained on your own seismic data, basin, reservoir or field - without bias and Meranti, a pre-trained network that more closely resembles traditional interpretation.

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Geoteric Webinar: AI Seismic Interpretation to assess well performance in the North Sea - Ithaca Energy

Ithaca Energy wanted a deeper understanding of the subsurface in an area currently under appraisal. In particular,  structural and stratigraphic features that could be the cause of a disappointing Extended Well Test. Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation helped Ithaca Energy make crucial decisions relating to field development planning. Our integrated workflows are helping to de-risk future well planning and better predict expected reservoir performance. 


Geoteric Webinar: Use of AI for Fault Identification in the E & P Life Cycle, Mark Ackers - Sval Energi

In this session, Mark Ackers, Subsurface Technical Services Lead at Sval Energi will demonstrate how Geoteric AI Fault Interpretation results were used to improve their reservoir model allowing for more accurate production history matching. Ultimately, Sval Energi were better able to predict future production, generating clear value for the company as a whole.

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Geoteric Webinar: Interpreting complex sand injectites with Geoteric

Sand injectites are complex geological features formed by remobilised liquified sediment being forcibly intruded into surrounding host rocks, typically at shallow subsurface depths. Despite their shallow subsurface depths, injectites can present significant challenges in terms of seismic imaging and interpretation due to their commonly thin nature and chaotic geomorphologies.

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Geoteric Webinar: Monitoring & Appraisal of CCS Projects with AI

Subsurface sequestration of CO (CCS) is seen by many as an essential route towards carbon Net Zero. Recent software advances within the interpretation domain such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are helping to solve CCS challenges and enable the interpreter to extract more detail than previously possible with shorter project cycle times.


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Geoteric Webinar: Journey to NetZero - Shallow Geohazard Interpretation 

Understanding the conditions of the seabed and the shallow subsurface are critical in the avoidance of many types of geohazards which could potentially impact on the safety and cost of engineering operations in offshore wind farms, as well as the longevity of the structures being installed.


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Geoteric Webinar: AI Seismic Interpretation with structurally-aware AI Horizons

Completing your workflow with Geoteric AI Horizons. The most detailed and advanced AI seismic interpretation on the market with unparalleled subsurface accuracy. Dr. Ryan Williams, Senior Geoscientist will be showing how project cycle times are dramatically reduced without compromising on quality, resulting in greater efficiencies in sustainability projects, field development and increased well safety.



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Geoteric Webinar: AI Fault Interpretation with Automatic Fault Surface Extraction

Understanding subsurface structure is critical in optimising asset plans, well safety and sustainability projects such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Here, Senior Geoscientist, Luis Gomez demonstrates how Geoteric AI Fault Interpretation with automatic fault surface extraction is shortening cycle times of subsurface projects all over the world. 


TAR presentation Williams Cader

Combined Stratigraphic and Structural interpretation using Artificial Intelligence and Frequency Decomposition

Senior Geoscientist, Ryan Williams highlights the potential of utilising colour blending techniques in collaboration with AI fault and horizon extraction.

He also examines how coupling these techniques together enables the subsurface analyst to identify and delineate structural and stratigraphic features in a seismic volume in more detail and accuracy, in a fraction of time it would require to undertake a traditional interpretation.


Application of AI-derived Fault Detection for CCUS

Southern North Sea Example

Ryan Williams, Senior Geoscientist discusses the key role Geoteric can play a key role in realising CCUS projects and demonstrates fault analysis using Geoteric’s AI fault detection networks to identify unseen faults which could compromise integrity for CO₂ storage.

BHP Atlantis Oil Field Project

BHP Atlantis Oil Field Project
Geoteric AI Fault Detection: Subsalt Example

This presentation discusses how BHP applied Geoteric AI to support the rapid interpretation of a new seismic dataset in the Atlantis field[1]. It also examines how BHP leveraged the prowess of this latest AI information to guide them into making better-informed decisions regarding well placement, reducing uncertainty and changing the risk profiles for future wells.
[1] Data courtesy of Atlantis field operator BP for allowing these results to be shown.

Artificial Intelligence Fault Interpretation using 3D Seismic - Global Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence Fault Interpretation Using 3D Seismic - Global Case Studies


In this video, Lucy Plant, Regional Sales Manager - Americas, presents a case study led talk on how Geoteric's AI seismic interpretation technologies Collaborative AI and Geoteric Stratum™ can enhance subsurface understanding and how it can be used to advance the traditional seismic interpretation workflow we know today.

An Impartial Validation of Fault Interpretation

An Impartial Validation of Fault Interpretation

Dave Brett from Ithaca Energy, presents his independent and impartial perspective on how Geoteric's AI seismic interpretation tools and services added to the better understanding of the structural complexity of their prospect and the results and benefits they achieved when compared to traditional interpretation techniques.


Further information on this case study is highlighted in GEOExPro AI: Game-Changer in Development or Exploration - or Both?

AI Fault Interpretation: Revealing Geology from Regional Structural to Well Safety

AI Fault Interpretation: Revealing Geology from Regional Structural Framework to Well Safety Analysis

Using the TERN Field (Northern North Sea) case study as his example, Senior Geoscientist Ryan Williams illustrates how Geoteric's AI seismic interpretation tools can assist in identifying and reducing risk to help drill wells safely, on time and within budget.

An integrated workflow for geological evaluation

Owen Lee, SVP Global Sales presents an overview of Geoteric's core workflow with brief insights into its application across different global and geological settings.

Geoteric’s best in class geological evaluation software clearly visualises the subsurface, allowing interpreters to combine their knowledge with the best possible picture
throughout exploration, development and production.

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