GEOExPro May 2019


With our artificial intelligence (AI) fault interpretation service, we are removing the hype from the machine learning (ML) and AI technology cycle and replacing it with delivery.


Centred around the interpreter, integrated intelligence enables the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning techniques to be adopted. Requiring no user knowledge of data science tools or programming techniques, we’ve done the computer science to let you concentrate on the subsurface.

The most appropriate tools can be selected by the interpreter for the most effective outcome when answering the questions at hand. The entirely customisable workflow is designed to assist the interpreter in a familiar environment, allowing users to do what they do best – interpretation – saving time and improving the quality of results.

AI Features

Accelerate analysis time

Evaluate confidence of interpretation

Interact with networks

Capture individual geoscientist knowledge and experience

Generate bespoke networks

Increase operational efficiency

Minimise traditional interpretation costs

Maximise exploration and development success

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