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Produce industry leading data and image quality, sharper and clearer Images: Improve signal to noise ratio for optimal structural interpretation and attribute analysis.

Interactive data conditioning tools offer preview-based noise attenuation and spectral shaping tools, enabling you to optimise your seismic data and gain a more detailed analysis and interpretation.



Noise Attenuation and Spectral Enhancement

Geoteric Tools

  • Noise Expression
  • Spectral Expression

Geoteric’s example-driven workflow technology gives you the control to investigate and determine your optimal parameter settings, with maximum efficiency. Increase the signal to noise ratio to enhance reflector continuity and improve data resolution to better localise events.

Noise Attenuation

Three different structurally-orientated edge preserving filters

Full control of filter parameters and steering volumes

Interactive, simultaneous preview of the results of all filters

Interactive comparison with original data

Interactive review of Difference volume

2D Noise Expression is optimised for 2D seismic lines (Geoteric 2D is a standalone application)

Spectral Enhancement

Full spectral shaping incorporating frequency suppression and enhancement

User controlled region of interest for spectral analysis

Save/load graph function for AVO/4D frequency balancing

Three simultaneous preview options for easy comparison

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