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Is your geological model appropriate? Efficiently validate your interpretation and model. Correlate synthetic seismic volumes generated from your geological interpretations with the original seismic data.


Designed to be used by non-specialists and specialists alike, screen all your prospects and producing assets. Enables your specialists to prioritise and focus in the most important areas.


Validate the model by converting to synthetic seismic and correlating with the original data.

Geoteric Tools

  • 2D Layer Model
  • 2D Wedge Model

Geoteric’s Validate module enables you to QC the accuracy of your interpretation and hypotheses. It allows you to test different geological scenarios and fluid/lithology models to de-risk drilling decisions. It provides a better understanding of what is happening between wells.

Forward Modelling & Validation

Create synthetic seismic and RGB blends directly from the model or the interpretation

Correlate the synthetic with the original data

Compare different realisations

Validate your interpretation and model quickly and easily

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