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Unleash the potential of your seismic data

Seismic Interpretation Software with the power of AI

A new perspective on your geological landscape

To get the greatest understanding of the world beneath our feet, we need human ingenuity and the power of advanced technologies. It’s time to bring these together, with Geoteric.


Effective use of the entire seismic cube. Complex results are presented with a greater degree of accuracy.


Data labelling required for fine-tuning. For some projects, this number was as low as 0.02% whilst continuing to deliver improved results.


Reduction in fault interpretation time, based on historical projects worldwide.

Expanding what’s possible in geological analysis

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Whether it’s the safe extraction of oil and gas, the placement of wind farms or verifying the suitability for carbon dioxide storage, Geoteric empowers geoscientists to reveal stories from within their seismic data. With a better subsurface understanding, geoscientists and engineers can operate more effectively and are better equipped to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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Bring AI into interpretation

AI delivers a greater understanding through the power of people, science and technology. Explore the possibilities of integrating AI into your seismic interpretation workflow.

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AI Seismic Interpretation

With Geoteric AI, project cycle times are significantly reduced without compromising on quality, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

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Dedicated to deeper discovery

For over 30 years, we’ve been expanding what’s possible in geological analysis, helping customers complement their expertise with innovative interpretation technologies worldwide.  

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“Geoteric results provide a foundation for detailed structural analysis of polygonal normal faults that would otherwise not be possible through manual interpretation. Specifically, this includes geometry and frequency of faulting.”

Senior Structural Geologist | AkerBP

Careers at Geoteric

Careers at Geoteric

Are you looking to be challenged, experience great company culture and develop your skills further?  Take a look at our latest roles and start your journey with us today. 

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