Upgrade to Geoteric 2019.1 today

Enhanced tools for manual and automatic fault interpretation, Geoteric 2019.1 delivers improved functionality within the Interpret model, complementing our AI Fault Interpretation Service deliverable.

  • Windows Installation

    To install Geoteric on Windows, simply double click on the Geoteric installation .exe file. The wizard will take you through the steps of installing the software.
    After installation, please ensure you add an exception to your anti-virus software for the Geoteric installation folder and all of the files within.
    If you require the Link for Petrel, there is a separate installation file for this. All compatible links can be found in the Geoteric installation folder (C:\Program Files\GeoTeric\GeoTeric 20XX.X\link-for-petrel) See the links below for how to install the link using the PIP or MSI.

    Link for Petrel: PIP Installer Link for Petrel: msi Installer

    Linux Installation

    RPM Installation – To install Geoteric using the RPM simply double click on the Geoteric .rpm and it will extract the files. Click on the Install button. You may be prompted to log in as root if you do not have root access to continue the installation. The installation box will close when completed.

    TAR installation – Right click and select extract to extract the Geoteric folder to a location that has full read & write permissions for the current user. Geoteric can now be launched by typing ./geoteric in the console from inside the Geoteric folder.

    The Link for Petrel 

    For rapid data transfer between software with minimum fuss, the data transfer link between Geoteric 2018.2 and Petrel 2019.1 is now available for download.


    Petrel 2016.X


    Petrel 2017.X


    Petrel 2018.X


    Petrel 2019.X

    For step by step on how to install
    the Link for Petrel, see below.

  • Supported OS


    Microsoft Windows 7


    Microsoft Windows 10


    Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHEL) 6, minimum update level of 3.


    An official NVIDIA driver has to be installed. See the Recommended Specs below for further details. The following package groups must also be installed: (Linux only)


    X Window System


    GNOME Desktop Environment


    Open Motif

    Hardware Requirements

    Geoteric makes intensive use of the graphics card and system hardware it is run on. Choosing the right system components to avoid bottlenecks is important and with the right GPU configuration choices, Geoteric users can get the best from the software in terms of performance, interactivity and quality.

  • Simple to set up

    Whether it’s a single site or a global software licence you are after, we have a range of licence options to suit your business needs. We’ll help you find the right licence for your business.


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