GeoTeric 2018.2 release

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Interpretation has Evolved

Cognitive Interpretation and Modelling It makes sense

Closing The Loop

Build & Validate geological models directly in the Seismic Grid

E&P Has Evolved

Cognitive Interpretation and Modelling
It makes sense

Data Conditioning

Sharper and Clearer Images
Improve signal to noise ratio for optimal structural interpretation and attribute analysis

Attribute Analysis

Reveal the Geology
Intuitive color blending of Seismic Attributes unlocks greater insights into the geology

Structural Framework

Adaptive InterpretationFinally! New tools for more accurate interpretation in less time.
Incorporating the building blocks of machine learning

Reservoir Characterisation

Interactive Seismic Facies Classification
Capture geological features with precision
Guided by your geological insight and embedded machine learning


Create Seismic Grid GeoModelsPreserve detail and save time.
Break free from the GeoCellular domain


Closing the Loop Efficiently validate your interpretation and model
Correlate synthetic volumes with the original data


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