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Data set



Main Pass and Breton Sound Protraction Areas, U.S. Gulf of Mexico shelf

Age of faulting

Lower Cretaceous to Pliocene

Survey area

700km2/270 sq. mi.

Volume Size


Rock Type

Predominantly clastic, Evaporites

Structural regime




Hydrocarbon type

Oil and Gas

The Main Pass Area is currently under brown field development and production, there is also associated infrastructure-led exploration.  Given these circumstances, the need to extract new insightful information from existing datasets becomes ever more crucial for successful drilling and production campaigns.

Within a matter of days, Geoteric's integrated workflow was used to condition the data, calculate standard structural and stratigraphic attributes, and run automated fault identification and picking using AI.


The interpreter proved absolutely essential to this process, as a small amount of expert interpretation can be used to 'fine-tune' the foundation network to significantly enhance the signature of delineated faults. 

This effect was especially useful for fault identification in the deeper sections of the data where poor signal to noise ratio leads to an ambiguous response in the conventional structural attributes. 


We believe there's a hidden story in every data set. 

Read our case study to learn how Geoteric's cutting-edge AI technology can be used by interpreters to reveal the true geological story and unlock resources which may have been considered unattainable or undiscovered.

Project Imagery


“Geoteric’s AI is the ultimate tool for fault identification and interpretation.  Not only does the geoscientist gain remarkably detailed information in a short amount of time, but the ability to augment the model to ‘fine-tune’ to the specific dataset in question is what really gives the AI it’s power.  Value can immediately be seen in data old and new through all phases of the exploration, development, and production cycle.”

Andrew Pomroy, Senior Geoscientist

Project Imagery

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