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Halibut Slide


Central North Sea

Age of event


Survey area

~932 km²

Volume Size

10 GB

Rock Type



Submarine Landslide



Hydrocarbon type


Submarine flows such as turbidity currents are notoriously difficult and time consuming to interpret manually

While upper and base events are normally well defined in seismic data, their internal complexity can be different and present a series of very challenging features, both laterally and vertically.
How can a detailed stratigraphic interpretation from a notoriously complex submarine flow in the Central North Sea be achieved in short timescales without compromising on accuracy?

Project Imagery

Project Imagery

AI Horizons
Geoteric AI Horizons on Noise Cancelled Data CROPPED

To manually interpret a complex submarine flow at this level of detail would take months, Geoteric AI Horizons identified internal heterogeneity in the debris flow, with a high level of geological accuracy in minutes.



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