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bpx Energy


Texas, USA


Eagle Ford, Permian

Survey area - Eagle Ford

42,000 ft²

Survey area - Permian

66,000 ft²

Rock Type


Volume size - eage ford

14 GB

Volume Size - permian

21 GB



Due to challenging data quality and complexity of faulting in target zones, it would have been impossible for bpx to interpret the faults manually within the project timescales.

Geoteric AI Faults - 3D Networks provided a fast, accurate fault analysis, even in challenging data.

Results were delivered in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken to interpret manually.

Project Imagery

Project Imagery

bpx case study image 1
bpx case study image 2

"Geoteric’s AI Fault Interpretation quickly identified thousands of faults, from deep to shallow, in our entire acreage position. Interpreting manually would have taken years. We are using the extracted faults to optimize well paths, reduce shallow hazard risk, and avoid drilling difficulties along the lateral.”

Rebecca Johnson Scrable, Subsurface Manager, bpx



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