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West Waha


SE Delaware Basin, TX

Age of event


Survey area

22 miles²

Volume Size

260 MB

Seismic Data

Very challenging


Ellenburger Formation




Oil & Gas



To better understand production variation and de-risk future well placement in challenging seismic data.

Project Imagery

Project Imagery

Fault Density Map_West Waha_Cropped
Frequency decomposition RGB Blend CROPPED V2

Result: A fast, accurate structural analysis from surface to target

Some wells were not performing as expected, fault density maps that identified heavily fractured areas coupled with existing well data were used to explain variations in well production.

Having an accurate structural analysis from surface to target not only identifies future areas of interest, risk is also reduced as geohazards can be avoided in new well delivery; potentially saving millions of dollars.

“AI Faults – 3D Networks guarantees results even in challenging seismic data and can detect small-scale faulting that is critical to understand structural complexities that affect production or the safety of future wells.”

Hugo Garcia, Senior Geoscientist



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