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NW Shelf Australia

Age of faulting


Rock Type


Structural regime



Offshore, deep water

Hydrocarbon type


Discovered in 2007, the Thebe gas field consists of several gas bearing sandstones of Triassic age Mungaroo Formation bound in a tilted fault block.

Two wells were drilled based on slightly different seismic response at the appraisal well from that of the discovery location.
Is the difference in seismic response due to lithology, hydrocarbon type, sand thickness or geometry between the two locations?  Click here to read more.

Project Imagery

Project Imagery

Validate Thebe-1 and Thebe-2
Thebe RGB blend

"Correlation of frequency decomposition colour blends at well locations can be used to improve understanding of the seismic data, by allowing extrapolation of properties away from well locations."



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