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Input data

2019 Reprocessed broadband seismic data


UK Central North Sea (CNS)

Age of faulting


Survey area

86 km²

Volume size

6.7 Gb

Rock Type


Structural regime

Extensional with episodic salt

Onshore / Offshore


Hydrocarbon type

Oil / gas condensate

Delivered an un-biased, comprehensive fault interpretation in a fraction of the time and with the fine-tuned interpretation guided by the experienced interpreter a better quality, even more, consistent interpretation was achieved. 

Faulting plays a crucial role with regards to development planning, whether it be the impact of an open or closed fault for fluid flow or the effect of faults on well safety. There are many examples where faults have caused production problems, history mismatching or the collapse of wellbores. 


The Central North Sea (CNS) has a complex geological history with many fields containing elements of extensional rifting, salt halokinesis and shallow soft sediment remobilisation (injectites). The interaction of faulting and salt movement can create a wide range of structural features, some of which can appear unusual.

In this case study, the primary trap was a fault bound structural high containing several faulted panels, which were limited to the east by a stratigraphic "scoop" feature, heavily influenced by the underlying salt movement.


Prior to this study, there were inconsistencies in the structural interpretation of the field, be it inherited from previous operators or variations based on newly acquired/reprocessed seismic data. This makes decisions making very difficult, even more so if there were time pressures associated with license demands.   

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Project Imagery

Project Imagery

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"The quick turnaround enabled Ithaca Energy to absorb the information and utilise additional studies to understand the complex geological history."

Senior Geoscientist




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