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Input data

3D Exploration Seismic Data



Age of faulting


Rock type


Structural regime


Onshore / Offshore


Algorithms and workflows using machine learning and AI ensure rapid, accurate and unbiased delineation and segmentation of the identified geohazard features. Knowing the risks, engineers can make sure that infrastructure is installed safely, potentially saving lives and investments.  

Advanced seismic interpretation techniques were applied using Geoteric. Tools typically used to help the characterisation of deeper-seated hydrocarbon reservoirs were utilised on 3D seismic data for shallow sub-seabed geohazard assessment. 

High-resolution seismic attributes, enhanced visualisation, machine learning-based techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) are used for imaging and delineation of multiple different geohazards in different datasets from around the globe. Click here to read the case study in full. 

Project Imagery



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