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UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA)


Southern North Sea

Age of faulting


Survey area

180 km²

Volume Size

2.1 GB

Rock Type


Structural regime

Extensional and Inversion



Hydrocarbon type


The Rotliegend Sandstone is the primary hydrocarbon reservoir of the Southern North Sea and forms structural highs as a result of multiple episodes of faulting. This has led to several structural traps, in the form of tilted fault blocks and inversion monoclines, as seen in the Ketch Field area.

The overlying Zechstein Super Group acts as an incredible seal for these structures, but also poses several imaging issues for the underlying reservoir.  
In this case study we show how Geoterics’ AI Fault Analysis can aid in the detection of subsalt structural lineaments in the Southern North Sea and the implications for other basins around the word. Click here to read more.

Project Imagery

Project Imagery

Subsalt North Sea case study 2-1
Subsalt North Sea case study 3

"Revealing these faults in 3D is key to understanding the structural nature of the reservoir".



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